Roulette Strategy – the Roulette Croupier


Many players forget about the roulette croupier all though the whole game starts and ends thanks to his work. In roulette the croupier has such a central role that it even becomes a bit weird to play without in online roulette games. There is something very special about this assignment and some players even find it interesting to work as roulette croupiers themselves. Even if you never chose to control the start and stop buttons of the roulette wheel, you should understand that this job doesn't include the possibilities of cheating.

The Roulette Croupier

The roulette croupier is often very anonymous. You will see him handle the roulette wheel with care but if he is a good croupier he shouldn't make much noise or draw special attention to himself. It is the croupier that checks that everyone has placed their bets before he lets the wheel come to a stop which lets the steel ball land on a number. Once the winning bets are clear the roulette croupier will make sure that everyone gets their payouts before a new game can start.

Online Roulette

No matter how silent and anonymous the roulette croupier is, players miss him online. In online roulette games everyone is their own roulette croupier. The game comes with a start and stop button and the player will be alone around the table so there is no waiting for other players to finish placing their bets. To make this as fun as the land based versions, the online casinos work hard with the graphics and effects. Through animations and sounds the player still gets a feeling of participating in a live game with many other players and a roulette croupier.

Live Roulette Online

If you want to stick to roulette online but you can't stand the lonely feeling in the computerized roulette games you should try live roulette online. This game works just like the roulette in a land based casino but you still play form your computer. Here the croupier works live, real time, in front of a camera. You and many other players will see him on your screens and the game becomes as live as ever. Some players even feel that live roulette online beats the original by far!

Working as a Roulette Croupier

It isn't difficult to work as a roulette croupier but to become a good one there are certain things you must understand and learn how to handle. If you work in a land based casino there will be plenty of players who think that they can do better by becoming your best friends. A good roulette croupier knows how to stay friendly without actually chit chatting. You must also be able to give the players a safe feeling by handling their bets and payouts in a respectful and confident manner.

The roulette croupier is a very important part of roulette and some players find it hard to play in online games where there is no real croupier.

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